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René Van Someren

Treasure in, Treasure Through, Treasure Out

Turn Data into Applicable Meaning.

Once you have collected your data, do you know what to do with it?

A major obstacle towards Evidence Based Practice is: not knowing how to obtain or recognise evidence.

Perhaps the most important obstacle towards Evidence Based Practice is not hiring someone who does know how to do this.

Data may not be relevant. Collecting relevant data, requires understanding of relevant concepts, their composition, how components are interrelated and how they relate to components of other concepts.
Relevant data may be unstructured. Before data can be used, they often must be arranged or otherwise processed before they can be used.
Structured data may not be informative. Often, data must be put into context or otherwise explained, to have information value.
Information may not be factual. Information can be invalid or unreliable.
Factual information may not be evidence. Information only serves as evidence, if it supports earlier suppositions.
Evidence may not be proof. Even if earlier suppositions are supported, that support may evaporate when context or some other parameter changes.

Every man to his trade

Do what you are good at and hire others to do what they are good at.

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