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Renť Van Someren

EMOP's Hidden Link

Posted June 23, 2020

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EMOP (The Elementary Model of Organisational Processes) tends to be illustrated as a 2D representation, as is done left in the graphic. In actuality, it is a 3D model. In the 2D version, one link is hidden from view. This links Leadership directly to Outcomes.

With regard to organisational processes, this is a false link, since leadership Ė by its definition Ė does not directly relate to outcomes. After all, a successful leader leads others to ultimately achieve certain objectives.

With regard to organisational behaviour, this is a true link, since inference of organisation membersí attitudes marks this as a substantial, significant correlation. To some extent, organisation members hold their leaders responsible for certain organisational outcomes, even when those organisation members themselves are instrumental in achieving those outcomes.

Organisational behaviour not only reflects mental constructs, for personal, environmental and organisational structures may prevent or direct certain behaviour. This realisation is important in understanding organisational behaviour. It is also important in practice, for instance, when we create and analyse a digital organisational behavioural model to diagnose an organisationís current behavioural state or to forecast effects of certain organisational interventions.

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