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René Van Someren

5-D Organizational Scans

Posted 6 December, 2018

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Many measurements are taken in organisations. Perhaps one of the most common measurements is an Employee Satisfaction Survey. Such surveys may give valuable information. However, the time and effort spent on those surveys could often be better utilised by using a somewhat different approach to such examination.

Our 5-D organisation scans may deliver more relevant, comprehensive, valuable management information than common measurements do. For instance, related to universal organisational key components, many organisational aspects can be measured, such as - besides employee satisfaction - leader/follower relations, inter- & intra-group relations, organisational culture and fit between aptitudes, work and means. Furthermore, such measurements can be taken within the following five dimensions (see also image):
  1. Width: Measuring key organisational aspects right across the organisation, as well as interfaces with its environment;

  2. Height: Separate measurements at all major organisation levels and comparing those measurements to one another;

  3. Depth: Detailed measurement of specific, selected organisational points of interest.

  4. Time: Comparing past measurements and other data with current measurements;

  5. Context: Placing findings of quantitative measurements into context by means of additional qualitative examination, including document analysis and interviews.
The core of our 5-D scan is a questionnaire, which takes about 5 – 10 minutes to fill in. Depending on the requested depth, this questionnaire can easily be adapted to specific needs and preferences. It is an electronic questionnaire, accessible via the Internet with a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Our 5-D organisation scan combines well with most common measurements, including psychometrics and econometrics. Organisations that do not wish to part from their current measurement method, could choose to combine our 5-D scan with their own, familiar method.

Compared to most common organisational measurements that focus mainly on dimension 1, the dimensions 2 - 5 add much value to organisations and managers, for instance:
  • Measuring at all major organisation levels and comparing those measurements to one another provides insight into organisational discrepancies that may substantially affect the organisation’s functioning;

  • Rather than randomly examining a wide range of aspects, specific points of actual interest can be targeted effectively and efficiently;

  • Comparing past data with current data, provides insight into organisational developments over time;

  • Placing findings into context, lifts the outcomes from ‘what’ up to ‘why’, supporting further diagnostics and even prognostics.

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