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Image 0 Most popular posts from Dr. René Van Someren*

*More information about René van Someren can be found on his personal website:

The Elementary Model Questionnaire (EMQ)

Quantifying Organisational Behaviour

The Elementary Model of Organisational Processes (EMOP)

The essentials of all organisations, and how they mutually correlate

Free Booklet: Thought to Behaviour (TtB)

An integrative explanation of human behaviour

Image 0 Explaining Human Behaviour: Thought To Behaviour

What causes human behaviour?

Image 1 Teleworking: Can it fulfil its promises?

Myths and facts about teleworking, its potential and its consequences.

Image 2 Technology vs. knowledge

Misunderstandings between IT support staff and the user community.

Image 4 Fundamental aspects of organisational processes

Basic aspects of any and all organisational processes.

Image 4 Why do so many ERP projects fail?

The named causes do not merely apply to ERP projects.

Image 5 Mergers & Acquisition - legal aspects

Brief outline of legal aspects related to mergers & acquisition.


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